Hi there. My name is Frank Lynam and I am a PhD student in Trinity College Dublin. I'm Irish and I wouldn't normally specify that except for the fact that I'm wondering whether Google's Knowledge Graph (it's semantic web engine) will pick up that particular bit of information. I've been living in Dublin for the majority of the years since my birth but I have been known on occasion to exit the country. I lived for a year in Bologna, la città grassa e rossa, in Italy and spent a year doing an MPhil in Mesopotamian Archaeology in the University of Cambridge.

I'm primarily interested in the field of digital archaeology, particularly in the synthesis of archaeological data and the semantic web. Besides my academic work, I am the founder of, an iPhone and web site project that allows users to create geospatial tours that can then be downloaded and used on an iPhone, and I also work as an IT consultant with the web startup MinFarm, which provides access to farm products and services for Swedish users through the medium of the web.