Linked Open Data FOAF practical

authored by Frank Lynam at 01/12/2014 16:00:53


Create a FOAF representation of yourself and your relationships to the other people in the class. Encode the representation using RDF Turtle.


  1. Read up about FOAF here.
  2. Draw out a schematic describing yourself (your name, age, if you have a web page, nickname).
  3. Include organisations that you are associated with.
  4. Is there an online image of you that you could use as a profile picture?
  5. What relationships do you have to other people in the class?
  6. Encode this information as RDF Turtle.


@prefix foaf: <> .


a foaf:profileDocument ;

foaf:maker <#i> .


a foaf:Person;

foaf:name "Kingsley Idehen";

foaf:nick "kidehen" ;

foaf:mbox <> ;

owl:sameAs <> . 


(kidehen, 07/12/2014 21:39:47)