How do we define Digital Humanities?

authored by Frank Lynam at 17/04/2012 13:17:53

The Day in the Life of Digital Humanities (Day of DH) project sets out to summarise the activities of its DH participants on one day of the year, March 18th. The objective of the project is to provide more exposure to the day-to-day activities of the digital humanist and this I think is a great idea as DH can often appear quite amorphous to the outside viewer looking in.

As part of the project, Day of DH each year asks its participants to define DH and the answers given in 2010 and 2011 are provided here. The thoughts of a number of the prominent scholars of DH are included here so it is a useful resource for anyone that is interested in the concerns of definition and clarity within the field.

I fed the resulting statements into Wordle and after removing the terms ‘digital’, ‘humanities’ and ‘computing’ I came up with the following word cloud. Are these the words that define the discipline?

Wordle image